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The Guernsey Photographic Club encourages members to enter external and overseas competitions and to this end elects a club member to act as Exhibition Secretary. The club is a member of the Southern Counties Photographic Federation (SCPF) and the name and contact details of the exhibition secretary are listed in the SCPF handbook, this enables clubs organising competitions and exhibitions to notify the exhibition secretary of forthcoming events.

The exhibition secretary keeps a list of these events and brings them to the attention of club members, handing out entry forms and collecting entries from members wishing to enter competitions. They are then posted to the relevant event organisers with arrangements made for their return after the competition. Postage is then shared by participating members.

Most competitions/exhibitions have print classes such as Open Mono, Open Colour and Nature, which have a maximum mount size of 50cm X 40cm and a minimum Image size of 23cm on its longest edge. Nearly all competitions/exhibitions include a digital image class where images are submitted as digital files on a disk or online usually in .jpg format, with an image size of 1400 X 1050 or 1024 X 768 pixels, depending on the projector used to display the images.
All this information is given on the entry forms for the various competitions/exhibitions.

Robin Millard Exhibition Secretary (Prints)
Derek Bridel Exhibition Secretary (PDI)

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External Competitions